Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To: Quick Rubble Bases for Your Warhammer 40k or IHMN Figures

Whether you need to base your Warhammer 40k Space Marines or a Brick Lane Company for IHMN, we have a quick rubble technique for you. Start with some coarse ballast or you can pick up a bag of Lizard Litter at a local pet supply store. It is made of crushed walnut shells. For the larger brick pieces, chop up old left over sprues from your models.

It doesn't matter if you use a slotted base, coin or Renedra base, they all work the same. Using any craft glue, apply a liberal amount to your base and sprinkle on the coarse material. Then place one or two chunks of the sprue.

Once thoroughly dry, paint it all with a coat of black.

Add  heavy coat of dark grey...

and then a coat of medium grey.

For variety we glued on some grey medium ballast...

then applied a final drybrush of  light grey.

There you have it, nice and easy. The same technique works for basing any terrain piece you might build.

Have a Great Battle
The Old Crow


  1. Hi, I love your tutorials! You have awesome ideas! I'm following your blog now.

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