Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bolt Action World War II Polish Army from Warlord Games

Okay, we know we haven't posted in a while so we'll try to make up for it this week with a few postings on a variety of gaming subjects. Today we'll continue with the WWII theme. Warlord Games Bolt Action range continues to expand and there are plenty of choices for any enthusiast or collector.

With the latest Bolt Action release "France and the Allies Armies", it seemed the perfect time to show this beautifully painted Polish army. This Bolt Action supplement covers the armies of France, Poland, Greece, Norway, Holland and Belgium that stood against the German Blitzkrieg, as well as the resistance forces that sprung up in the aftermath of occupation.

The army, painted by Andy Isherwood,  contains over 1500 points of models.

3x command units, 3x medics, 1x spotter, 4x 12 man squads with a BAR in each, 3x HMG, 3x Mortar

2x Sniper teams, 2x Anti Tank Rifle Teams,

2x 37mm Anti Tank guns,

2x 75mm Anti Tank Guns

6x Tankettes (3 with machine guns and 3 with cannons)

2x 7TP's with cannons

1x 7TP with twin turret machine guns, 1x Ursus armoured Car

And what Polish army would be without 6x Cavalry

There is a special motorbike conversion, objective markers, and pinned helmet on stick markers too.

All in all you have to admit this is a sweet looking army!

We leave you with several additional shots for your viewing pleasure.

Have a Great Battle!
The Old Crow

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