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In Her Majesty's Name: Orville and Wilburton Wright and the Wright Pirates Stat Sheet

Alrighty then, time for more of In Her Majesty's Name goodness! Here we have some background information and the stats for Orville Wright, Wilburton Wright and the Wright Pirates.

This adventuring company resides in the good old US and have as their leaders the Wright Brothers. The Wright brothers as everybody knows were pioneers in ornithopter technology and have other nifty inventions at their disposal. The wealthy industrialist S. Pierpont Langley became interested in these two brothers early on and helped fund their inventive minds. His financing enabled the Wrights first steam ornithopter to be produced in the US. The Wright brothers and their crew having fully tested their fine craft, completed several missions in quick succession. This gained them instant notoriety in the international community and placed them on the crosshairs of others.

Mr Langley is keen to keep on top of the latest tech and also recoup on his investments. Thus the Wright Brothers have completed several missions for "paying customers". This has lead to them being called mercenaries and pirates. The name took root and the boys, especially the fearless Wilburton, liked it so much they became the Wright Pirates.

Working through S. Pierpont and his extensive contacts in the US State and War Department they receive many lucrative contracts from the US Government and in turn provide their services to help get things done in a way as to not implicate the US in any possible diplomatic issues.

The mind behind the Wright brothers is the eldest, Orville. He did most of the design work on the ornithopter and other techs, like the Grappling Gun and the Sub-Thermopulsion Gun, produced by Wright Brothers Inc. He is more reserved than his younger brother and prefers to get in and get out with the least disturbance. He has become very stealthy and would rather work things out with his sword than a firearm.

Orville Wright
Pluck 3+, FV +4, SV +3, Cost: 52
Talents: Engineer, Duelist (sword), Stealthy, Leadership +2
Equipment: Magneto Static Coat, Sword, Pistol

Wilburton is the exuberant and fearless younger brother who test piloted every iteration of the ornithopter. His mouth usually gets him into a jam but the Sub-Thermopulsion Gun he wields usually gets him out of it. His boisterous attitude resounds with the crew and they have come to respect and admire his leadership.

The Sub-Thermopulsion Gun is also known as a freeze ray. It fires an icy blast at a single target and has a range of 12 inches, an attack bonus of +2 and a Pluck penalty of -3. All armor is useless against this weapon except for Magneto Static items which disrupt the Thermopulsion. Each of the three Magneto Static defensive items receive a +1 bonus. If target has a knocked down result, they instead are partially frozen to that spot, all other rules for being knocked down apply. A medic has two turns to chip out and revive a frozen character instead of 1. It requires two hands to use. It costs 9 points.

Wilburton Wright
Pluck 3+, FV +2, SV +4, Cost: 58
Talents: Erudite Wit, Fearless, Leadership +3
Equipment: Faraday Coat, Sub-Thermopulsion Gun

Their Command Sergeant is a man trained in the US Army and was one of the first members of the new US Air Defense Corp. He distinguished himself in the battle of port Norfolk in 1862 where he attacked and destroyed two of the South's Peruvian Sea Dreadnoughts. S. Pierpont pulled some strings and had him honorably discharged so he could be brought over to the Wright Pirates for his military expertise. His weapon of choice is the new sub-machine gun.

Command Sergeant Edgerton
Pluck 4+, FV +3, SV +3, Cost: 42
Talents: Tough, Marksman
Equipment: Brigandine, Sub-Machine Gun, Combat Knife

The Sub-Machine Gun is a lightweight machine gun that fires pistol bullets. It has a range of 18”, an attack bonus of +3 and a Pluck penalty of -1. It can be used to attack groups and for “walking fire” in the same way as a Machine Gun. It requires two hands to use. It costs 11 points.

The remainder of the crew have been nicknamed the Wright Pirates by friend and foe alike. They are versed in military tactics by Sergeant Edgerton and in flight by Wilburton.

Wright Pirate
Pluck 5+, FV +2, SV +2, Cost: 19
Equipment: Brigandine, Military Rifle, Combat Knife

Any Wright Pirate can upgrade his combat knife to a sword (+1 point)
Any Wright Pirate can have a Pistol (+3 points)
One Wright Pirate can be given Medic (+5 points)
One Wright Pirate can be given Strongman and upgrade to Machine gun (+11 points)
One in every three Wright Pirates can upgrade rifle to a sub-machine gun (+2 Points)
One Wright Pirate can be given a Grappling gun (+8 points)
If Pirates are on-board their airship, up to six Grappling guns may be used.

 A Grappling Gun is a non offensive weapon lightweight gun that fires a grappling hook to its target and then once secured will retract and "pull" the user to the target. It is intended to quickly get the user to tops of buildings or onto enemy airships. It takes the character one turn to fire and travel to the desired location. Nothing else can be done that turn. It has a range of 24”. It requires two hands to use. It costs 8 points.

We hope to hear comments from anyone who plays these guys!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow


  1. Very nice background, cool pics as well :D

    1. Thanks Simon, I really enjoy the opportunity to be creative in photographing miniatures and doing a bit of Photoshop work when the right background isn't quite there.

  2. Wicked cool! And the wonderful graphics really set them apart too!