Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name - Baron Măcelar and The Bucharest Brigade Stat Sheet

Way back in May we showed you the "The Bucharest Brigade" and their fearless captain, The Baron for In Her Majesty's Name. If you haven't checked out the game itself, it is a great steampunk skirmish game. Today we finally give you the stats for Baron Măcelar and the Bucharest Brigade.

Here we see a recent portrait of the Baron. Many have been speculating the Baron is in league with the Society of Thule. Others believe he has ties to the Dragon Lady because of his mysterious ways. In reality, the Baron is devoted to serving the King of Romania. From his hidden base deep in the mountains he launches his unrelenting quests for the King.

He is an inspiring leader to his men in the Bucharest Brigade and a powerful captain for any adventuring band. Because of the many "Legends" of the Baron's exploits his opponents find him terrifying. He is a talented tactician and ruthless fighter.

Baron Măcelar Intuneric
Pluck 2+, FV +4, SV +3, Cost: 93
Talents: Terrifying, Inspirational, Leadership +3
Equipment: Arc Pistol, Tesla-Phelps Arc Generator, Magneto Static Barrier, Sword

The Baron's dedicated second in command is Lt Kane Zaray. Kane is almost as terrifying as the Baron as he lifts his weapon single handed and sprays his opposition with the "Eckto Canon"

Lt Kane Zaray
Pluck 4+, FV +3, SV +2, Cost: 44
Talents: Tough, Strongman, Leadership +1
Equipment: Eckto Canon (treat as flamethrower), Faraday Coat, Combat Knife

The Bucharest Brigade has been serving the Baron faithfully since the founding of the Brigade. Their opponents call them as the "Immortals" due to their fearless and resilient nature.

Pluck 5+, FV +2, SV +2, Cost: 28
Talents: Tough,
Equipment: Steel Breastplate, Military Rifle.

Any Immortal can have a Breath preserver (+2 points)
Any Immortal can have a Pistol (+3 points)
One Immortal can be given Strongman and upgrade to Machinegun (+11 points)

The Baron may use a heavy walker from time to time if the mission calls for its need. It is equipped with a steam-fist, Machinegun and has a Congreve rocket on its shoulder with 3 explosive rounds and 3 gas rounds. On these missions he will not take his arc gen, arc pistol or projection barrier but will instead carry a pistol, Magneto-static Jacket  (+69 points)

Let us know if you get a chance to use these guys!

Have a Great Battle,
The Old Crow

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  1. I've put a report and link regarding this startling development in Bucharest on the IHMN blog :)