Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Build a Viking Lodge or Trading Post for SAGA, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings or Historical Wargames

It seems like it's been a good bit of time since we showed you a "how to build" something, so here's a great Viking lodge for or trading post SAGA!

You can use it with any other historical wargames like Hail Caesar or Clash of Empires or break into the fantasy genre with Warhammer or Lord of The Rings.

The materials we started with were a piece of polystyrene for the base, some card stock for the basic structure, heavier cardboard for the roof, craft sticks and a small wood dowel for the columns.

We first built the four walls from the cardstock and glued it together. The base was cut to size and a step notched from the front. The dowel was cut into two in order to create columns for the overhang in the front.

The structure was glued to the base and the roof was cut to size from the cardboard. Besides the overhang, two other supports were cut for the roof. We want it to be removable so figures can be garrisoned inside to defend it. We used hot glue on the roof supports.

We carved beams with a little style for the front and back to add support and enhance the buildings appearance.

With the roof fitted on, it was time to start the walls.

We had pieces of craft sticks, or as we called them "pop-cycle" sticks, left from previous projects so just trimmed them up and glued them to the side walls with white craft glue. Spaces were left for two windows on each side.

The back wall was the full height so needed sticks cut to size. Tape the sticks together and draw your back wall onto them so you can make precise cuts. The tape should hold them together so they can all be cut at one time.

Once you've glued the back on too, you structure should be starting to firm up.

The front has a low wall like the sides and the front overhang. Cut a triangle template to get it sized correctly, cut the sticks and glue it all together.

Now we turned our attention to the base. We wanted the building to be on a stone platform. This would have been done to keep goods up off the wet earth. Starting in the front and working around, we "carved" grooves in the base to simulate the blocks of stone.

You can use an old ball point pen, an expensive carving tool or a toothpick like we did!

The final touch was a few flagstones cut out of a heavy weight paper. These will add dimension to your finished trading post. Everything was then primed with black. Be careful as some spray primers will dissolve the polystyrene.

The walls and columns were painted with burnt umber, coffee bean and then drybrushed with barn wood. This should give you a nice weathered and rustic feel.

The base was given three shades of grey and then some slate was added to a few stones here and there to spice it up. For the roof we used craft fur. You should hot glue it to the roof because you'll want to apply some watered down craft glue to matt it down and create the appearance of straw or thatched roof.

And there you have it! Add some extras and miniatures to dress it up and you have a snazzy centerpiece for your gaming table.

Have a great Battle!
The Old Crow

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