Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Aboard

Well here we are with the inaugural post to Battleground Hobbies.

We are a couple war-game enthusiasts who'd like to share some of what we like with you. Table top games are the mainstay of hobby gaming. You might prefer a great WWII tank battle or WWI air combat between a Sopwith Camel and a  Fokker triplane. Some like space marines fighting a horde of aliens. Others go crazy over the thunderous charge of knights crashing into a line of orcs and goblins.

We are looking for the old mainstays and new games that we can bring to you. Scouring vendors to find unique boardgames and models that can be built for use when battling your opponent. Also keep a lookout for paints, brushes, pin-drills and other hobby equipment

Soon we'll be launching our website at and bringing you a great selection of merchandise!

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